Thursday, October 9, 2014

The 7 Spells of Qatain Lattimore’s first volume of The Ipe Chronicles, The Seven Spells of Qatain is now available in EBook format. This thrilling page-turner takes readers to another place and time. Conflict is spreading across the continent at a time when society is struggling to recover from a succession of environmental disasters and civil wars. 
Deep within the forests of Qatain live the Ipe, who predict the approaching struggle and the coming of a dark force that would seek to destroy everything in its path. 
In an effort to save mankind, seven spells were produced by the Ipe to be distributed around the continent, ready to defend the struggling society.
A warlord discovers the whereabouts of the Ipe colony and harness the powers from two of the seven spells that have been hidden in various locations across the continent.
Five teenagers come together to rescue their fathers, who have been kidnapped by the tyrannical warlord, who threatens the peace on Qatain. The youngsters are all ‘special’ in one way or another, but it is Kaylie who is contacted by the Ipe and gifted one of the spells in the form of a powerful gauntlet. 
Caytor, the oldest boy in the group, finds his friendship with Kaylie intensifying at a time when the fate of their fathers is on a knife edge. Can Caytor temperhis feelings for Kaylie, whilst they journey on their quest across the continent? Thrills abound, as the teenagers battle against hostile terrain, cyclonic weather and vicious creatures sent to destroy them.
This fantasy, science fiction, adventure, love and romance, sorcery and sword, coming of age epic, page turner, will be your latest can’t put down thrilling read. 

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