Monday, May 22, 2017

Book Of The Week

Guardian Mine: 1 (The Kataran Series)


Zara has been trained as the ultimate weapon and wants nothing more than to take her place as Warrior; but Zara is the only female in her clan, and the Council of Masters has decided that she must have a Guardian. Someone to protect her, shadow her on her missions, a babysitter… but Zara trusts no one, and has no need for a babysitter. 

Jebediah’s plans to become the next Master Guardian are well in place. Each day is spent training and teaching, learning the Ancient Magic of his people. Until the Council of Masters gives him orders that change the rest of his life.

He is the ultimate Guardian and his duty is to protect her. She is determined to hold her fate in her own hands. They must learn to conquer the Ancient Magic together ... or curse their race to destruction, as traitors in their midst continue to sell secrets to their enemies, trying to incite another Galactic War.

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