Monday, June 12, 2017

Interview with Author A J King

**Author Peek** INTRODUCING….Author A J King


Q What inspired you for this book?
A.I always wanted to write something about time-travel as it’s something that fascinates me, that’s how the first part of the Power Vested in Me trilogy The Gatherers came about. This book, part two rejoins the characters on their journey, this time through a dream world The Land of Nod – which turns out to be the zodiac. My inspiration is that I get to show two aspects of their lives, their adventures and their real lives and how one impact’s on the other. This is something that affects us all, we have our families and we have our ‘day job’.

Q. What was the hardest part of creating this book?
A. Book 2 just grew and grew so I was considering chopping bits out until someone suggested I make it into two parts thus making it the four book trilogy. The hardest bit about writing it was getting it finished to a deadline at one point I literally stayed awake for twenty four hours to get it done.

Q. What do you hope people gain from reading it
A. I hope it makes people think. The Stardust (the five teenage protagonists) have many experiences which lead them to having to make many decisions. I would like this to make readers reflect upon what their own decisions would be in these circumstances.

Q. What are your ‘secret powers’ and some you wish you had?
A. If I have a secret power its that I have dreams that come true (sometimes this is awful). If I could have any secret power it would be the ability to make people tell the truth –because after all honesty is the best policy.

Q. Did you get any ideas for your books from your own dreams?
A. Not really no but the code that the reader needs to break actually came from a quite persistent ‘message from the grave.’

Q.  Why should we buy your book?
A. Well the readers will be used to me putting in riddles (but I always give them the answers to these) however with book 2,  I have hidden a couple of clues in the dialogue and given them a code to crack. To be honest I don’t think anyone will be able to do it – so they should buy the book and prove me wrong.

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