Sunday, September 24, 2017

Interview with Author KJ Blocker

1 .  When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

  • Believe it or not I want to be a DJ, as a kid however I do have a love for music, and started writing songs . 10 years ago I started writing a song  and just kept on writing. I only write, when the circumstances or events Won't leave me alone mentally until I write them out.

2 .  How long did it take you to write this Book?

  • Four years, and a gazillion brain cells later

3.  what is your work schedule like when you're writing?

  • I'm already very busy, between work my own business and family, I do a lot of block writing which means I have a Designated time usually during the night, but A lot of the times it's during the day,, or whenever I keep a pen and paper handy and write everything down, weather I use it or not,, my wife and mother in law can contest they constantly go around picking up boxes full of paper that just has one liners, or ideas  on each of them . I  used to panic thought I was losing them ,until I found out they were just boxed to prevent the kids from Throwing them away .

4.  what brought you to write this book series?

  • When I found out The secret and the mystery behind my last name on the book,blocker,, I wanted to take A real family tragedy, , hoping there were others  out there that could relate . I feel like we've gotten away from our Basic fundamentals in writing what I mean is we're trying to appease one side or the other . Agenda driven movies hardly ever work .So I'm going back to the old-school way of writing, where you have  an amazing fantasy place then fuze a good moral family centered theme . No foul language, no agenda, but a story filled with hope love any a new founding faith in mankind . Pinocchio, for example a lesson in telling the truth . Alice in wonderland, finding oneself, frozen The value of sister love .

Treasure of the magical mine moppets , even though we're not and mistakes are made .we learn that forgiveness is possible .

5.  How you become a published author any inspiration?

  • I chose to be an Indie author, at this time, because I want A Book cover like no other . And I didn't want the story rewrote . So I put a team together artist, editors, including line, and continuity editing  . Because I wanted the best product possible .inspiration  True story,, A fan missed the book signing, By 30 minutes or so she asked a bookseller is KJ Blacker still here, no you just missed him,, you can buy the book but you can't have an autograph . She responds Oh yes I will, how can that be he's left the building, she said he's from Oklahoma ,he was shocked . Point I'm  trying to make always put out quality . Go above and beyond your fans expectations . 

6.  Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

  • Real life, everyday problems and  trials there are people we struggle with  relationship wise ,and people that for whatever reason don't like another person . And  it could be they were once best friends . I wanted to write from the heart and write in such away many if not all can relate, to a boy Who desires more than anything to have a relationship with his father,, a Father who wants to forget he has a father, and a grandfather who's looking for redemption . 

7.  When did you write your first book and how old were you ?

  • Falling apart was written nine years ago under Ken brown  I was 44

8.  What do you like to do when you're not writing?

  • spend time with the kids ,watch movies, listen to music, Disneyland , camping , fishing ,

9.  How many books have you written which is your favorite?

  •    Falling Apart was more of a an adult read and help me get used to the concept of writing, i'm not for sure treasure  would have ever been written if not for falling apart haven't been written first .. It in bold of me as a writer   Now treasure of the magical mine moppets is definitely my favorite to work with, The production budget was bigger, The cover was bold  and magical ,New and exciting whimsical characters called moppets we're created  and a never seen before magical place . Call moppet Land made from iridium's salt was created, A fun read ,and entertainment for the whole family.

 10.  What's next for you what are you working on now?

  • The Moppets are coming back . in upside downside  world be released December 2018.  . You'll discover. Where the moppets came from and how moppet land came to be . How Charlie chili became so darn hot in the first place! Why he's so desperate to cool off, what's the deal with Lacey  can she really talk ? After all she's a bug you know and a whole lot of twist interns and cool surprises,, about the main characters let's just say Mr. Weathers and Tom or childlike . .

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